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Translations of asorted articles

From Ashes To New - Day One

Take-off: From Ashes To New – Day One (English)

The „What the...“-Effect An Email announcing a band's first. „Modern Rock“ they say it is. I guess it's okay that I don't know the band yet – after all, it is a debut album. I...
Emma Pollock In Search Of Harperfield

Emma Pollock – In Search Of Harperfield: So much more than memories

Searching for Harperfield Emma Pollock - In Search Of Harperfield to me is a surprising discovery. I like the album despite it being different from the music I'm usually preferring. The music is dreamy, reminiscent...
Abney Park Wasteland

Abney Park – Wasteland: Steampunk never was this modern

In the beginning there was blackness Abney Park - Wasteland is the 18th album of the band from Seattle. Founded 1997 as a rather goth-industrial band the band started to reorient itself 2005 with the...
Danny Bryant Blood Money

Danny Bryant – Blood Money: Perfect Blues Roundtrip

Danny Bryant - Blood Money is Blues. Modern, high quality, heartfelt, and honest blues. Supported by Walter Trout and Bernie Marsden by the end of January 2016 Brynat will release an new album about...
I.C.O.N - the Blacklist

I.C.O.N – The Blacklist – Heavy F’ing Metal (English)

I got to know this band when they supported Operation: Mindcrime in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. There they presented their latest album released in June: I.C.O.N - The Blacklist. Therefore I knew I didn't have to...
Clutch Psychic Warfare

Clutch – Psychic Warfare: Hit it, man.

When your day really is a rear-ender, when the whole world is set up to piss you off and every other second some flipping idiot on the planet has the bright idea of holding...
Shana Halligan Back To Me

Shana Halligan – Back To Me

This morning Shana Halligan paid me a visit. I sat down with my first coffee of the day and busied myself with the larger and smaller problems that one engages with early in the...