Clutch – Psychic Warfare: Hit it, man.

When your day really is a rear-ender, when the whole world is set up to piss you off and every other second some flipping idiot on the planet has the bright idea of holding you responsible for him not being able to pee holes into the snow, then the time is just right for Clutch – Psychic Warfare.

Clutch – like almost no other band – elegantly withdraws each and every of their albums from any attempt to allocate them stylewise with reasonable precission. Their latest album Psychic Warfare is no exception to this rule. Stoner-funk-blues-hard-rock would have to be invented as a working category and even this would suite Clutch only to some extent. With the complacency of a force of nature in its best years Clutch is coming round the corner to kick some serious butt.

Psychic Warfare is the band’s eleventh studio album and everyone who currently crosses my way is getting some rich text from me about how much I like this album. It’s just plain awesome. Clutch – Psychic Warfare is music that is setting the direction for you – the energy to go your way comes for free on top of that. You can not get yourself into motion in the morning? Your pal is clogging you with nonsense? Your mother in law is staying longer than expected? Clutch can help!

Once your amp is really giving it to the speakers, once the pictures on the walls of your neighbors house start to vibrate in sync with the glasses clinking in the cupboard, once you rather feel the sound than hear it, then you will probably understand what Clutch is about. Words can not describe this. Clutch is the very essence of all that what Helene Fischer is not and Psychic Warfare is yet another proof that the band still has not arrived at their their weird journey’s destination.

Clutch – Psychic Warfare was published on 02.10.2015 at Weather Maker Music / rough trade


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