Danny Bryant – Blood Money: Perfect Blues Roundtrip

Danny Bryant – Blood Money is Blues.

Modern, high quality, heartfelt, and honest blues. Supported by Walter Trout and Bernie Marsden by the end of January 2016 Brynat will release an new album about which he is saying himself that this is an album he was longing to do for about 20 years. For me it is a bit of a roller coaster ride. Blues not played live to me always tastes a bit strange. That is probably the prime reason why I usually tend to keep my distance to blues records. For me blues only really works when experienced live.

Left alone with Blood Money, sitting in front of my stereo, I’m trying to find words to describe how this music feels to me. When it comes to blues I am usually thinking in terms of a cramped, smokey, somewhat shady, sweaty bar or club with a tiny stage and an atmosphere constantly shifting somewhere between “Boy, this rocks…” and “Remember those days, back when…”. Blood Money to me doesn’t sound like that club at all and even less live. It sounds much more personal, and direct. Perhaps more modern? Hard to tell.

Especially during the first half of the album Blood Money is trying to raise a feeling that to me is probably best described by “vintage”: It is old, but not antique. It is being made to be used and not for shelving and gathering dust. Exactly like blues itself. Blues music is not exactly the latest invention music wise and above all should be played and felt.

Insights and retrospects

Danny Bryant spielt GitarreBlood Money is an insight view onto Dannys musical world, onto his musical roots and backgrounds – at least that is what I am guessing. Some songs are reminding me about something but it stays diffuse for me and I cannot pinpoint what it is. A friend of mine calling me while “On The Rocks” was booming from the speakers said “Oh, some Albert Collins?” Looks like I am not the only one reminded.

Danny manages to create certain emotions with his music. Neither constantly begging for attention nor blending into the background noise to the point of being pointless. In my opinion a clear sign for the high quality of the Blood Money’s production and mastering: The Album works as perfectly played loudly as it does when played with more gentle volume. Some songs seem to need a certain inner mood to really “klick” with me, and I really like the album because of exactly this.

Blood Money impresses me because Danny Bryant is doing his own thing. He is not covering or copying something. He has his very own style and you can like it or not but one thing is for sure: This boy can play. And sing. Danny is not pretending to be the wise guy on campus or as if he has invented the blues. He is convincing me by letting me feel that he is doing what he is doing with all drop dead honesty of his soul.


Danny Bryant – Blood Money is giving me the impression of a modern day roundtrip past epochs and styles of blues. Whilest listening to the album I got the impression to witness musical achievements and milestones of all the different artists and regions of blues while never making me feel like a pupil being lectured or something. The album has something for everyone. Even if you are not a die-hard blues nerd. The songs are really really good from which I like “Sugar Sweet”, “Holding All The Cards”, and above all “Just Won’t Burn” best.

Danny Bryant – Blood Money released on 29. Jan. 2016 via Jazzhaus Records / in-akustik

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