I.C.O.N – The Blacklist – Heavy F’ing Metal (English)

I got to know this band when they supported Operation: Mindcrime in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. There they presented their latest album released in June: I.C.O.N – The Blacklist. Therefore I knew I didn’t have to expect snuggle rock when I put the CD into the tray but Heavy Metal.

And yes: That’s what the quartet with frontman and singer Mark Sagar. Heavy Metal, as if imported from the 80ies and spiced with fresh ingredients, without bowing to a sub groupings’ dictates. With a fondness of their music, with lust for playing, with ants in the pants: Heavy Metal. I used the words „snuggle rock“ above – in contrast I.C.O.N – The Blacklist is like sex as it got to be: Wild, sweaty, dirty, with crumbled sheets and most of all: Loud. And – like good sex as well – to be enjoyed anytime.

I.C.O.N – The Blacklist is the band’s second long player after the 2009’s New Born Lie. I have no idea what the band did in these six years – many live gigs, obviously – but their music didn’t suffer from that pause. Nearly 45 minutes stury, rock solid Metal distributed to 11 tracks that remind me of the old saying „Great – I can regulate my neighbours’ knocking by the volume control of my stereo!“

Musically you get what to be expected by Metal – soli, great clear singing, no „Growls“, few „Shouts“, and over and over power and drive. I.C.O.N wows not just at live performances, they are as powerful from recording as they are playling live (and with that they are different from good sex…) Singer Mark Sagar, bassist Reece Bevan, Scott Knowles at the guitar and drummer Larry Paterson obviously are inspired by bands like „Black Sabbath, Motörhead, even Metallica“ (as Reece said), maybe a little Iron Maiden as well, but they didn’t copy – I.C.O.N’s music is a synergy from traditional ideas and new energy and out comes – Heavy Metal. Hell, yeah!

I.C.O.N – The Blacklist was published on June 23rd, 2015 at Metalbox.

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